First full class picture of the 9th grade from Ben Franklin JRHS
at BMHS making us the first class to attend four years in the new High School
Spring 1960
The other half of the picture is below

Anne O'Neill

Peter Madaffari, Patty Pignatore, Dennis Hyde

Richard Dashevsky, Bill Bloom

Mrs. Kadish, Kenny Kadish, Mike SantaLucia

Ernest Whitehead, Dennis Hyde

Brenda Boes & Mr. Brenda (Phil LeBlanc)

Paul Sheridan, Pauline Sasaki

Danny Chickowitz, Delene Fera, Barbara Buccarelli

Theresa "Tessie" Anzalone, Linda Scalisi

A Party Crasher from the '62 class
Mary Helen O'Neill

James "Junebug" Peoples, MS, Debbie Clark

Anne O'Neill, Wild Bill Traylor

George Bradway, Patty Pignatore

Group Dance

Aline Wacha, Ed Downing, THE Betty Szabo, Sue Szente

Rita Chabot and Mr. Rita (Joe Galbo)

Brenda Boes' famous red
heartbreaker dress 1958

Jimmy Monroe, MS in the
Memorial Day Parade 1959

(L to R) Debbie Heibler, MS,
Joan Mandell, Bob Shannahan
Prom Night 1964

(L to R) MS, Patty Ullman, Jolinda Buschbaum
George Judson, Cathy Garvey 1959
Miss Martin's 6th Grade
Lincoln School 1958
(L to R) Helene Freitag, Cynthia McFadden,
Shirley Corley, Eric Fogel,
Jolinda Buschbaum, Jimmy Fabrizio,
Brenda Boes, George Judson

Patty Ullman's Birthday Party 1958
Betty Szabo, Jimmy Fabrizio and Jolinda Buschbaum "At The Hop"

Miss Martin's surprize farewell party, Jolinda, Jimmy Fabrizio and Brenda Boes

News paper pic from the Norwalk Hour at Ruth Reichl's party
Summer 1963

(L to R) Chris Schede, Greg Babish, Eleanor Vuilleumier, Larry Findlay

Dennis Hyde, MS playing in Jim Adkins' Dixieland Band, Shorefront Park picnic
Summer 1964

6th Grade Brookside School

Richard's daughter, Richard Mintz, Sharon Errico

Camera Geek not Leroy Niemann

Lois Buchannan, Dennis Hyde

Linda Scalisi, Jimmy Patchen

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