This is one of my favorite models of all time: my daughter Katie. For a fairly shy girl, she gives it up for my camera a lot, either by mugging as she did from a very young age, or modelling for product shots for websites I shoot for. You'll see more of her in the ads for Luis and Clark cellos -- she always makes her Dad look good. Also, she was the one who took the pic of me and the poodles.

I have always been an amateur photographer and have been shooting since I was about 8. The first photo I ever took which gained any attention was the one below of the Irving C. Freese, Mayor of Norwalk, CT. He was one of the few real Socialist politicians who actually got elected to anything and served as the town's mayor during some of the 1950's. This shot was taken at the dedication of the Nathan Hale Junior High School in 1958. It was shot with a Brownie Instamatic and somehow ended up in the newspaper as one of the best photos ever taken of the Mayor.

The two shots below are from July 1964. This was a fund raising concert for the Urban League (a 60's era civil rights organization) at Leonard Bernstein's house in Fairfield, CT. It was a pefect summer afternoon and many of my musical heroes were there, just walking around like regular folks. This shot is of Dizzy Gillespie, Broadway lyricist Adolph Green, and Leonard Bernstein. The photo below that is Diz's set by the pool with Billy Taylor at the piano. My friend Jeannie Booth had gotten several of us entry passes and I shot 4 rolls of film that afternoon and these are the only two shots I could find. I also shot some 8mm home movies that a few weeks later had been double exposed with a family picnic. Such were the days before digital photography.


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